A&M Pizza Restaurant stands for ANGELA and MIKE. In 1983 we opened our first pizza and restaurant place in Brooklyn, N.Y. Angela’s grandfather was the teacher of our business. He trained us and gave us all the secret recipes to make the best Italian pizza and Italian dishes. Then he Said, “BUONA FORTUNA (good luck). You are on your own.”

A&M Pizza was an immediate success and grew quickly. This lead us to the decision of opening a new location. We picked the state of Pennsylvania. Four more A&M; Pizza’s grew successfully over the years. We then decided to expand into another state, this time it was Florence, Arizona. A special town was picked because of the name Florence reminded us of our grandfather because he was born in Florence, Italy.

We dedicate this A&M Pizza to him with all our thanks. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you over the years to come. GRAZIE (Thank You)

– Mike and Angela